Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Create Child Theme Of Wordpress Theme And Create Template In Wordpress

Hello All,

Here Simple Create Child theme in wordpss and how to create template in Wordpress.
Here I see the example of make child theme twentythirteen. same step use you can
create any of theme child theme.

Use Of child theme.

Child theme very usefull. because some time theme have update. we can update it theme
then you can change stucture is removed. but you can make child theme can be usefull.

Simple Follow Step you can create child theme in wordpress Easily.

First Goto Wordpress Theme Folder.=>/wp-content/themes/
Then Create child Theme Like I am Create thirteenchild Folder.

Here Simple create style.css and add the below code.

Theme Name:     twentythirteenchild
Theme URI:      http://myphpinformation.blogspot.in
Author:         coder
Author URI:     http://myphpinformation.blogspot.in
Template:       twentythirteen
Version:        0.1

@import url("../twentythirteen/style.css");

After login your dashboard (wordpress Admin) 
Go To :=> Appearance > Themes
and active your theme child theme. here theme name is twentythirteenchild.

Second How to create template in wordpress.

you want to create template. you just copy page.php file or create new page 

if you want to create page template it's better to copy page.php file. 

Step2 : 

page.php ot new page add below code in header.

<?php /* Template Name: My Custom Page */ ?>

check it wp-admin page=>edit or new page you can see On the right hand side under attributes you’ll see template.

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