Monday, 28 September 2015

Difference between Echo And Print In Php


Here I can Give both of use echo and print in php. I give example and use.

Echo and Print are almost same. they are both output on screen. they are used with and without

Difference Echo And Print

  1. print return value and echo not return value.
  2. echo faster than print.
  3.  echo without parentheses can take multiple parameters, which get concatenated but print give error.

How Can Use.

$data = "hello".
$data1 ="jaydip";

echo "<h2>My echo information</h2>";
echo "namste !<br>";

echo $data."".$data1;

echo without parentheses can take multiple parameters 
echo "jj","123",1,3;

same like in Print:

$data = "hello".
$data1 ="jaydip";

print "<h2>My echo information</h2>";
print "namste !<br>";

print $data."".$data1;

you can use as print in 
($test==2) ? print "true" : print "false";

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